School Uniform

Pupils at Dunoon Grammar School are expected to wear the school uniform. Pupils who do not wear the school uniform will not be allowed to take part in Team events or activities such as Discos, school bands and trips. 

Pupils representing the school at any event MUST wear the school uniform.

Ngân hàng hạnh phúcPupils should never assume that they do not need to wear the school uniform e.g. the last day of term, a special event day. If there is a no uniform day all pupils will be told.

School uniform is available from Smiths of Greenock -

Ngân hàng hạnh phúcBlazers and shirts/blouses can also be purchased at Wrights, 192 Argyll Street, Dunoon PA23 7HA.


Uniform Standards 2020-21


Show the world how smart you are! 


 Boys Uniform
  • White Shirt – with collar buttoned to the neck and tucked into trousers
  • Plain black trousers – no jeans
  • Black jumper or sweater with or without school logo
  • Year group tie
  • Plain black footwear (trainers are allowed, as long as they are plain black)
  • Blazer (Optional) - All prefects MUST wear a Blazer


Girls Uniform
  • White shirt or blouse with a collar buttoned to the neck and tucked into trousers/skirt
  • Plain Black trousers or skirt – Skirts should be no shorter than mid-thigh
  • Plain black tights
  • Black jumper or sweater with or without school logo
  • Year group Tie 
  • Plain black footwear (trainers are allowed, as long as they are plain black)
  • Blazer (optional) – All prefects MUST wear a Blazer



  • Jeans of any colour
  • Shorts
  • Leggings
  • Jeggings
  • Sports bottoms



Ngân hàng hạnh phúcIf your child is wearing inappropriate school uniform you will receive a text message to inform you. If there is no improvement your child's Head of House will make contact with you and request a meeting to discuss the situation. 

Please contact your child's Head of House should you have any issues about the school uniform policy. 


 House Group   Head of House   E-Mail Address 


Clothing Grants

The School Clothing Grant for the School Session 20/21 is £100 


Grants are available for any child who will attend an Argyll & Bute Council from AUGUST 2019 and whose parent(s) receive:

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income related element of employment and Support allowance
  • Council Tax or Housing Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit (Income should not exceed £6,420)
  • Universal Credit (monthly take home pay for period must be under £610)

Ngân hàng hạnh phúcYou can apply for a clothing grant by visiting the Argyll and Bute Council website below


Uniform Recycling Scheme


Ngân hàng hạnh phúcSchool uniforms can be expensive items and with young people wearing them out quickly - costs can soon mount up.

At Dunoon Grammar School we offer a wide selection of pre-owned schoolwear items, in excellent condition - available to purchase for a small fee.

Ngân hàng hạnh phúcEnquiries can be made - either by phone or email.

Ngân hàng hạnh phúcThese items have all been fully laundered and carry no identifying name tags or markings.

Contact the main school office on 01369 705010 and leave a message for K Jones.

Or you can email directly to

We will endeavour to fulfil your request as quickly as possible.




All youngsters are expected to change into appropriate clothing for PE lessons. This entails:

  • T-Shirt (Preferably black or white, with no inappropriate slogans.  Football strips are not allowed, nor are low cut vest tops)
  • Tracksuit bottoms or shorts
  • Trainers (not 'Dolly Shoes')
  • Warm, waterproof clothing and football boots are appropriate when classes are outside

Youngsters should change into their PE Kit even if they are excused from practically participating.  This will allow them to participate in non-practical ways thus contributing to the lesson and feeling part of the class.  Parents/Carers of youngsters who cannot change due to injury should inform the PE Department and allowances will be made.


Additional Information


Pupils are reminded that they must remove all scarves, jackets, hooded tops or any other piece of outdoor clothing in EVERY class!

Ngân hàng hạnh phúcAnyone not wearing uniform will have their name noted in the morning at the front door and in their House class.

Prefects must wear the school uniform at all times as an indication that they are prefects and have special duties in the school.